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Published: 2018-10-10Last updated: 2019-02-25

Dreaming gets easier the more you practise; you live in the place of possibility.

I initially tasked myself with writing a list of 100 dreams. It wasn't easy, but was worth pushing to complete. I started to recover my passions.

As I tick things off, I'll replace them with another. The goal isn't to finish but to always have one more thing to dream for.

  1. Work in Japan
  2. Cut down a tree and use the wood to build something
  3. Play a church organ
  4. Own a hurdy-gurdy
  5. Design and build an electric guitar
  6. Build a guitar pedal
  7. Take a journey on horseback
  8. Own our house outright
  9. Pay off someone else's debts
  10. Give away £100k
  11. See the Northern Lights
  12. Take a road-trip across America
  13. Visit Salvation Mountain, California
  14. Financially invest in someone else's dream
  15. Press a vinyl record
  16. See a miracle
  17. Have a tailored suit made
  18. Be completely debt free
  19. Have a Strymon Deco on my pedalboard
  20. Physically hear a sound from heaven that I can't explain
  21. Record an album I'm proud of
  22. Write a book
  23. Turn a wooden bowl
  24. Make a letterpress print
  25. Perform with an orchestra
  26. Design and screen print a T-shirt
  27. Have a piano in our house
  28. Holiday in Hawaii
  29. Fly First Class
  30. See a bear in the wild
  31. Play a gig in Nashville
  32. Sail on the Sea of Galilee
  33. Take a helicopter ride over New York
  34. Canoe down a river
  35. Climb a mountain
  36. Plant a tree
  37. Make my own beer
  38. Go hang gliding
  39. Stay at Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland
  40. See a whale in the wild
  41. Make a chair
  42. Record on reel to reel tape
  43. Live outside the UK for a year
  44. Fire a bow and arrow
  45. Catch a fish and eat it
  46. Own a harmonium again
  47. Eat a pastry in Copenhagen
  48. Drive a canal boat
  49. Design a lamp
  50. Pay for a random person's meal
  51. Play a gig in Portland, Oregon
  52. Spend a night in a hammock
  53. Invent a game
  54. Eat Korean BBQ in Korea
  55. Have a wood burning stove
  56. See the cherry blossom in Japan
  57. Make a coffee cup on a potter's wheel
  58. Blow glass
  59. Eat a taco in Mexico
  60. Cook a meal on an open fire
  61. Learn to make dim sum dumplings
  62. Create and sell a food product
  63. Learn to play Avril 14th on piano
  64. Release an iOS app on the App Store
  65. Build a synthesiser
  66. Make homemade sriracha
  67. Make Christmas dinner for our family
  68. Eat in a Michelin star restaurant
  69. Roast a duck
  70. Try fencing
  71. Start a movement
  72. Be able to do 100 push-ups
  73. Sail a boat
  74. Visit a coffee plantation
  75. Shear a sheep
  76. Learn to make sourdough bread
  77. Visit the night market in Marrakech
  78. Walk on a glacier
  79. Wild camp in Scotland
  80. Run a Kickstarter campaign
  81. Cover the whole of an album
  82. Walk in the Himalayas
  83. Go on a pilgrimage
  84. Own a woodland
  85. Start a social enterprise
  86. Take my company/team away on a retreat
  87. Be able to have a conversation in another language
  88. Pay for friends to go on holiday
  89. Give a lecture at a university
  90. Take a luxury train ride through mountains
  91. Swim in a waterfall pool
  92. Climb a giant Redwood
  93. Stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan
  94. Learn to skate
  95. Go on a concert tour across Europe
  96. Visit Patagonia
  97. Eat a Char Sui Bao in China
  98. See the sunrise over the sea/ocean
  99. Have a family camper van
  100. To have a year free from having to earn
  101. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway